Stop In: Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach

We made two stops in Pismo Beach this weekend and both were fantastic! I’ve definitely added a full weekend in Pismo Beach to my list of trips I want to take. That list just keeps growing. ?

Pismo Beach

Sunset over Pismo Beach

Our first stop was Friday night in Spyglass Park. We had been booking it to get to the coast in time for sunset, and we made it just in time! We had just enough time to marvel at the sunset and snap some grainy selfies! The park had a great playground and clean bathrooms so we stayed a little bit even after the sun went down. Once it was too dark to play, we continued to Santa Barbara.

Sunset over Pismo Beach Spyglass Park Sunset selfie

July Sunset in Pismo Beach
Update: here’s a picture from a stop at Spyglass Park at the end of July. We love to be here at sunset!

Breakfast and Beach in Pismo Beach

Sunday night we stayed at a hotel in San Luis Obispo (our lodging situation for this trip was a disaster, that post is coming!) but we ran back to the coast for some breakfast and beach time.

We grabbed our best meal of the trip at Mon Ami. Crepes! It’s hard to mess crepes up, but these were especially yummy with pesto and sauce. The kids shared a Banana Dream with Nutella and whipped cream. There was a beautiful patio to eat on and everyone was happy! We arrived pretty early, but it was crowded when we left so keep that in mind!

From there we just walked down to the beach and set up for a couple hours of fun. The pier was under construction, but the beach was huge!

Pismo Beach Pier

It started off overcast, but the clouds burned off and it was a beautiful sunny day when we left around 11 am.

Pismo Beach

The kids dug holes, found little crabs, splashed in the waves, and swung on the swing set. Personally, I made friends with a little girl who wanted to try on HJ’s shoes. ?

Playing in the water

One thing that stood out to me was the relative lack of crowds. You can see in the swing picture that there were definitely people there, but it wasn’t wall to wall like I would have expected on a holiday. We had plenty of room to spread out and it was easy to crop people out of my family photos!Swinging on Pismo Beach

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Planning a trip to Pismo (or any other) Beach? Be sure to check out my packing list for visiting the beach with babies or toddlers!

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