California Missions: Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel

We have been listening to a podcast about California history, and Mission San Miguel came highly recommended. So we were excited to make this our 4th Mission visit on our quest to see all 21 California Missions. K was sleeping when we arrived, so we made this a mother-daughter visit while Chris stayed in the car with him.

Mission San Miguel Sign
I love this sign! You can tell the padres have a sense of humor!
Mission San Miguel Road
There aren’t many people in San Miguel, but there are plenty of views!
Mission San Miguel Sign
Nothing like a little girl with a giant succulent!

Mission San Miguel Hallway

The courtyard when you first walk in is filled with old stone ovens, grist mills, and many antiques I couldn’t identify.

Once we passed through the gift shop, we had a look at the inner courtyard. It was very beautiful and green and had noticeably more lawn then we’ve seen at other Missions. I’m sure it’s not very drought friendly, but I wonder if they keep it this way because they still keep livestock? We did spot some chickens in a mesh enclosure just to the right of this photo.

Mission San Miguel Courtyard

The museum had a replica kitchen complete with a stone oven and dried herbs hanging from the ceiling. HJ listened to me point things out in this room and was able to identify the other ovens scattered across the property.

Mission San Miguel Oven

There are three bells in the bell tower, and HJ doesn’t think it’s fair that only the padres get to ring them.

Mission San Miguel Courtyard Mission San Miguel Alley

The chapel is ornately painted and has an especially beautiful raised pulpit with a dove hanging above. The center of the altar displays the “All Seeing Eye of God.”

The Chapel at Mission San Miguel Mission San Miguel Pulpit The "All Seeing Eye of God"

Mission San Miguel

When you exit the chapel, the sign will ask you to close the door tightly. I recommend only touching the handle because I got a gigantic splinter by touching the door itself.

Mission San Miguel Graveyard Courtyard
The dove is real! I thought it might be a statue at first.

Cactus at Mission San Miguel Mission San Miguel Bells

After we took the tour, we still had to visit the horses we’d seen! There were two mommies with babies in a large enclosure next to the Mission.

Horses at Mission San Miguel

Horse at Mission San Miguel
She did not want me taking pictures of her foal.

It’s an easy Mission to visit since it’s just off Highway 101. The town of San Miguel is tiny, less then 3000 people, but that makes the volunteers who run the museum even more impressive!

HJ posing with the Mission San Miguel Sign

3 responses to “California Missions: Mission San Miguel”

  1. That looks absolutely amazing! We loved California and in particular we loved La Purisima Mission! Thanks for taking me on a walk down the California mission memory lane 🙂 You have inspired me to go back there.


    1. magnetsfromeverywhere Avatar

      How many did you make it to? We’ve only seen 5 so far, but can’t wait to get to the rest!


  2. leni Covington Avatar
    leni Covington

    A personal note to Helen Jeanette: You didn’t know what an angel was. Now, you have been to Archangel Miguel’s home, or place of worship–you are learning so much from these mission trips! Padres who ring the bells, big words like worshiping! You are amazing!! Love, Oma Leni


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