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Raising Multilingual Children in a Monolingual Home

*Last updated on January 10th, 2018 at 08:29 pmThis post contains affiliate links. Before I was even married I stumbled upon Little Panda Mandarin Immersion School in Durham and got super excited to send my future children there. Fast forward to the present: My daughter is almost 4 (what?!?), my son is two, language education has been… Read More Raising Multilingual Children in a Monolingual Home

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Where We’ve Been

The other day I wrote about examining my motivations for traveling and finding contentment amidst all the people on the internet who are doing more then me. As I wrote that I was also compiling a list of all the places we’ve been, so other people can compare themselves to me. ? Really though, I’m… Read More Where We’ve Been

Travel Planning

The Thief of Joy

Travel is a very relative thing. Relative to our friends and family we travel a lot, and the children have especially been on a lot of flights and road trips. Relative to the travel bloggers I follow, we’ve basically never left our house. ? For me personally, when I read about families traveling or living abroad, I have to… Read More The Thief of Joy