10 California Hotels to Daydream About

10 California Hotels to Daydream about

Now that we’re on the other side of the country from our parents and favorite babysitters, we’re regretting that we didn’t utilize them more for weekends away! We did spend our 5th anniversary in St. Lucia and we came here for our house hunting trip, but other then that we just did the occasional evening out.

So now, with no reasonable way to make these plans a reality, here are the romantic overnights in California I’m dreaming about! Oh and they are arranged by price, so skip to the bottom if you want to see what I’m really drooling over!

10 California Hotels to Daydream about

#1 Tahoe Deerfield Lodge at Heavenly

Located half way between the Heavenly Ski Run and Lake Tahoe, this would make a great retreat year round. After all the snow this year, you might be able to take water ski and snow ski on the same day!

King rooms range from $115-225.

Photo from the Deerfield website

#2 A Vintage Cabin at Evergreen Lodge Yosemite

Cute and rustic, these cabins come with the bare necessities and allow you to embrace nature! They do have restaurants and activities on site and you have Yosemite in your backyard!

Prices range from $145-260/night or you can choose a deluxe cabin for a little more.

Evergreen Lodge
Photo from the Evergreen website.

#3 Mama Shelter in Los Angeles

This ultra hip hotel looks like it would make me cooler if I stayed there. With chalk drawings on the ceilings and a colorful rooftop restaurant, I am a little worried they wouldn’t let me in!

The best part is you can get a “Medium Mama Back Alley” room starting at just $159/night + taxes and fees.

Mama Shelter
Photo from the Mama Shelter website.

#4 The Pacific Terrace Hotel in San Diego

Right on the beach and close to many San Diego attractions, an ocean side room at the Pacific Terrace could be a great home base for a romantic San Diego weekend.

Rooms tonight start at $189 + taxes and fees, but I’d really want to get that ocean view for $199!

Pacific Terrace
Photo from the Pacific Terrace website.

#5 The “B” at Tara Bella Winery in Sonoma

This winery has the advantage of only having 1 guest room, so you’re sure to have the place to yourself come night fall! Wine tasting plus a private room upstairs? I can definitely see the appeal in that!

The room is $225/night with a 2 night minimum, but you can get a discount by being a Wine Club member.

Photo from the Tara Bella website.

#6 Avalon Palm Springs

Every Hollywood Regency styled room is a suite with living room and patio or balcony. The pools and spa look heavenly and I can just imagine swimming there with Frank Sinatra.

A room for tonight is $225 and they have a guaranteed lowest price policy, so shop around on discount sites and see if you can beat that!

Avalon Palm Springs
Photo from the Avalon website.

#7 High Ridge Manor in Paso Robles

Surrounded by hills and vineyards, High Ridge Manor would be a great place to explore the beauty and the wineries of the Central Coast. Since they don’t allow children, we wouldn’t even feel guilty about leaving the kids at home!

Prices range from $315-365/night + taxes and fees.

High Ridge Manor
Photo from the High Ridge Manor website.

#8 Glamping at Tree Bones Resort at Big Sur

For a really unique experience, the autonomous tent at TreeBones is perched right on the mountain with its own firepit, a shower in the tent, and some incredible views.

If you balk at the idea of staying in a tent for $595/night, check out their more affordable yurt options starting at $320/night, but you’ll have to walk to the shower!

TreeBones Resort
Photo from the TreeBones website.

#9 The Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay

A cliff-top hotel overlooking the ocean where you can reserve a suite with a private outdoor fireplace for roasting s’mores? Yes please!

Booking a room for tonight will set you back $734 plus taxes and fees. Maybe try to shop around on different dates?

Photo from the Ritz-Carlton Website
Photo from the Ritz-Carlton website.

#10 Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley

Each of the deluxe lodges includes an outdoor shower and bath garden as well as a private outdoor gas fireplace. Every single photo on the website is to die for.

A room tomorrow night would cost me $1,480 + taxes and fees. I’m pretty sure it would be worth it. (Hah! My husband would literally murder me.)

Calistoga Ranch
Picture from the Calistoga Ranch website.


So? Anyone want to babysit?

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