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My name is Jessica and I am a late-20s Mom who keeps getting crazier and crazier about travel. Chris and I have been married for 6 years and we took a lot of flack at our wedding for talking about “traveling the world together” in our wedding vows and then staying in Virginia for our honeymoon. At the time we could have afforded a little honeymoon, but we hadn’t started working yet and Chris thought it would be romantic to stay around the area where we had fallen in love. It was romantic.

Fast forward 6 years and no one in our family teases us about not traveling enough anymore! Our first big trip together was to New Zealand followed by an impromptu trip to India only 2 months later. India was HJ’s first big trip, even though our families didn’t even know about her at the time!

HJ took her first out-of-womb plane ride at only 4 weeks old when we flew from NC to CA for a wedding. She also got to cross New York, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, and Hawaii off her bucket list before her first birthday rolled around.

K was a whole 3 months old before his first flight to visit family in Texas, but 4 months later when we set off on a Disney Cruise to Alaska he was able to get his first passport stamp at the same time as his big sister: Canada!

We’ve also taken them on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean, to Bangkok for a week, and to various nooks and crannies of the US, but we’re just getting started! Over the next few months, we’ll be taking them to Hawaii and on a crazy long-weekend trip to London! In between, you’ll find us exploring California and taking US trips to visit family and attend weddings.

Follow along with us! I hope we are able to inspire and/or educate you on the world of travel available, even when you have young children! You don’t need to be rich, quit your job (although I quit mine recently ?), or wait until the kids are grown! You can see the world now!

Oh, and if you just don’t think you can wait until your next big trip to quench your wanderlust? I’d bet good money there’s an incredible State or National Park waiting to be discovered right in your back yard! If you’re in California, I’m definitely winning that bet!

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