Gift Ideas for Men who Travel 2017

Christmas gift ideas for children while traveling

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Christmas is coming up fast and I need to get some shopping done! Shopping for the children is easy as cake but shopping for the men in my life is a whole different story! Since this has been a big travel year for everyone, I am starting my shopping looking for gift ideas for men who travel.

Whether your man likes to travel for business or pleasure, he’s sure to appreciate any of these thoughtful gifts to keep him comfortable on the road!

Oh, and you don’t have an unlimited budget? There are multiple products for every category, so you can choose the best option for your budget!

Gift Ideas for Men who Travel

Travel Backpack

My brother has accused me of gifting him too many backpacks, but I firmly believe that a good travel bag is one of the very best gift ideas for men who travel! If you get the right pack, it can go with him on the plane, around town, in and out of cabs, and to the beach!

Some features you might want to look for when picking out a travel backpack are:

Theft-resistant: This could mean cut-proof straps or it could mean zipper placement, either way, it’s good to have.

Water-resistant: You never know when his neighbor on the plane is going to spill their coke all over him. Protect his laptop by gifting him a water-resistant or water-proof bag.

USB charging: If he has power on the go, he’ll be more likely to call and check in!

Here are some options with tons of features that are stylish to boot!

Backpack gift ideas for men who travel

  1. Kopack Backpack <$40
  2. NAWO Backpack <$30
  3. Markryden Backpack <$50

Travel Sweatshirt

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that the receiver didn’t even know existed. If more people knew about the all-in-one travel hoodies on the market, we would see a lot more of them in airports! The men on my list like to travel light but be comfortable. So how about a hoodie with a built-in neck pillow and eye mask plus tons of compartments for essentials like phones, passports, and earbuds?Travel Jackets best gifts for men who travel

  1. Baubax Travel Jacket Sweatshirt <$120
  2. XY37 Travel Jacket Hoodie <$80


Toiletries Bag

Even if the man on your list isn’t into mousse or cologne, he’ll still need a place for his basics toiletries. If there are extra pockets, toiletry bags make a great place to stash extra chargers and electronics. Just make sure they’re stored in closed waterproof compartments!

Toiletry bags gift ideas for men who travel

  1. Melouher Toiletry Bag <$20
  2. Vasker Hanging Toiletry Bag <$30
  3. BUBM Hanging Toiletry Bag <$15
  4. Hanging Rugge Toiletry Bag <$20

Travel Razor

My husband uses an electric razor on a daily basis, but he loves to sport a “vacation beard” when he’s away from home. If the man on your list doesn’t appreciate the scruff or works in a field that is less forgiving, a small battery operated razor could be just the thing. Batteries mean he can always pop new ones in and won’t have to worry about forgetting the charger. Keeping it small means he can stick it in his pocket, for a quick shave during his layover. Bonus: Their small size means they make great stocking stuffers!

Shaver gift ideas for men who travel

  1. Norelco Travel Shaver <$35
  2. Braun Pocket Mobile Shaver <$15
  3. Panasonic Men’s Shaver for Travelers <$25


That’s all I have so far, but let me know in the comments if you have any great gift ideas for men who travel! I see a lot of online shopping in my future!

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