Redwood City “Magic Lantern 3D Light Show”

Redwood City Light Show

If you live in or near Redwood City, my photography class introduced me to this must-see light show in Redwood City! Every Tuesday (schedule is posted through November) they project an amazing 3D light show onto the San Mateo County History Museum.

The free show takes about 20 minutes and features a robot presenting the history of Redwood City. Music plays throughout and it covers 150 years of local history. The projections are elaborate and Bart Kresa clearly worked very hard on it! If you’re in the area, check it out!

Redwood City Light Show
Tribute to the days when Redwood City was just a grove of Redwoods.
Redwood City Light Show
Back when Redwood City was in the Old West and everyone would head to the Saloon after a day of gold panning.
Redwood City Light Show
The Hippy Movement was huge around here!
Redwood City Light Show
Tribute to Silicon Valley and the future of Redwood City.
San Mateo County History Museum
Even when the light show ends, the building is still beautifully lit.

One response to “Redwood City “Magic Lantern 3D Light Show””

  1. What a fantastic event!!!
    Thank you for the tip!


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