Weekend Camping Meal Plan


We recently went camping at Shaver Lake and want to share our camping meal plan. One of my 13 Tips for Camping With Toddlers and Preschoolers is to make sure meals are easy and this menu definitely qualifies.

Camping Meal Plan and Grocery List


Friday Camping Meal Plan

  • I’ve found that green smoothies in kid’s CamelBak straw cups work really well in the car. The ones we make are packed with kale, berries, and bananas to make sure they get something healthy while we travel. I pack these in a small soft cooler with enough ice to make it through the day. We swear by our Vitamix when it comes to making yummy and nutritious smoothies.
  • We also stopped for In & Out, a California classic! It was our first visit and we approve!

Saturday Camping Meal Plan

  • Oatmeal packets are so easy for breakfast, just heat up the water and you’re good to go! We also heated up some milk for hot chocolate and we were good to go.
  • I forgot the mustard for our lunch sandwiches, don’t be like me! I try to buy special bread for our camping sandwiches, recently it has been the sliced french brioche at Trader Joe’s.
  • If you haven’t ever eaten raw green beans as a snack, go buy some today! They’re healthy and delicious with a very satisfying snap. The kids love them! We do watch the kids carefully because it would be easy to choke on these.
  • After a fun day of camping, nothing beats roasted hot dogs and s’mores!
    • I’ve developed some hot dog snobbery and I always buy Hebrew National. They’re 100% beef and so so delicious.
    • Pro tip: Set your graham cracker with chocolate on a rock near the fire. It will start to get delicious and melty while you roast your marshmallow.

Sunday Camping Meal Plan

  • I used this basic recipe to make pancake mix that just required milk and then we tossed in a few blueberries. I prepared the mix in an empty plastic container with a lid, then we shook the milk to combine. You will need a camping stovefrying pan, and some spray oil for this.
  • Sandwiches the second day are not as exciting, so I like to pack a different sandwich meat and cheese to keep things interesting. Adding a special snack like fresh cherries (we bought ours from a roadside vendor, so wonderful) helps keep this meal exciting!

HJ in camping chair

Pretty simple right? Easy to shop, easy to prepare, no problem to pack, no problem to store. Exactly what a camping meal plan should be! We may start branching into more complex meals, but for now, we’re only camping every couple months and we’re loving this go-to plan!


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