Today’s jet lag goals

View out the airplane window

We flew into NC last night and my kids are reacting to the jet lag very differently. HJ was up at the equivalent of 4:30 California time but K slept until the California equivalent of 6 am. I’d like to do some research and do a full post on lots of jet large secrets for kids but for today I’m just going to share the 2 big things we’re doing to help with jet lag right now.

  • Water, water, water! I’ve read that staying hydrated helps with jet lag and it really seems to. The only downside is we’re road tripping today and it will mean extra stops.
  • Exercise! Moving their little bodies helps tire them out and gives them energy to get through the tricky parts of the day. On our 3.5 hour road trip today we are planning to stop twice for playground fun and we’ve already been to the playground once this morning. It makes for a longer travel day, but I think they’ll be much happier and more worn out tonight then if they’d just been cooped up in the car seats nonstop.

Anything else that I simply must do?

K sleeping
We want this happening at bed time!

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