Quick Stop in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Beach

After hiking at Big Basin Saturday, we needed to find another less winding route home since my son had gotten sick that morning. Looking at the map we realized it would only add about 25 minutes to our whole trip if we stopped in Santa Cruz. So we headed to the wharf, completely unprepared for beach time, and let the kids play in the sand for 2 hours.

We picked up food at Las Palmas Taco Bar, ate at Depot Park, and then grabbed shakes for the road at Foster’s Freeze.

It wasn’t enough of a visit to get to know the place, but we had a very nice afternoon and will look forward to spending more time here!

Chris on the beach
Being fully dressed plus all muddy from hiking, didn’t dampen the beach experience at all!
Santa Cruz Beach
Santa Cruz’s beach boardwalk has a couple big roller coasters and lots of fair attractions.
Santa Cruz Surfers
There was a surfing competition going on, you can see all the little heads bobbing in the distance.

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