Chris and I got married in 2011 and life has naturally progressed on from there, which is to say we’ve encountered huge changes every year.

2011: Graduate college, get married, move to NC, start our first grown up engineering jobs.

2012: Buy and begin renovating our first house- a 1900 Victorian with structural damage, termite damage, fire damage, and most other kinds of damage.

2013: Find out we’re pregnant and have a beautiful baby girl.

2014: Find out we’re pregnant and expecting a wonderful baby boy.

2015: Have wonderful baby boy. Realize our house is too much for us at this stage in our lives, sell it, and move to a small town closer to my work.

2016: Buy a small house 15 minutes from my work and settle in.

2016 was certainly not boring (we got to visit Thailand and St. Lucia and I got to visit the Bahamas with my girlfriends), but from a change standpoint it isn’t in the same league as the other years of our marriage. Obviously this was unacceptable so we have pulled out the big guns for 2017.


  • I have become a stay at home mom! I put my notice in the first week of December and come January I was no longer employed! The official count says that it is my second day on the job (vacation didn’t count) and everything is going great so far!
  • One week after I put in my notice Chris received a great job offer (company to be publicly revealed after he officially starts), negotiated an even better job offer, and accepted a new job all the way across the country! So come February you will be able to find us in Silicon Valley!

I’ve started this new blog so I can start building up my writing portfolio. There appear to be a fair number of freelance gigs available, but they all want to see recent samples of my work. I don’t want to brag but I totally had a reputation for writing the best emails at work. So far no one has been interested in perusing them.

I’ve decide to write about something I love: travel. Big travel, small travel, dream travel, travel with children, travel alone, travel planning, being a tourist where you live, etc. etc. etc.

I don’t think I’ll run out of topics to write about.

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