Spanish Language Audiobooks for Kids

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The kids are learning Mandarin and Spanish and I am always on the lookout for new ways to expose them to the language. Audiobooks have always been on my list, but locating appropriate and engaging audiobooks is hard! Searching for “Spanish language audiobooks for kids” is not super helpful either. Most search results turn up either educational resources or forums where people are asking for these and not finding results!

Today I finally had a breakthrough! Instead of looking for ready-made resources, or trying in vain to filter iTunes by language and audience, I decided to search for specific popular English books to see if there was a Spanish translation in audio form. Of course, I would rather find books originally written in Spanish instead of translated, but for right now I’m thrilled to finally have a selection to choose from!

The kids are in bed right now listening to El Principito as they fall asleep. We recently transitioned from bedtime music to audiobooks and it definitely does a better job getting the kids to settle down and listen quietly. The jury is still out whether the books are keeping them up later, but we’re happy just to have quieted the bedtime struggle.

Oh, and you are going to want an Audible membership. If you’ve never used it before, you will qualify for a free 30-day trial.

Spanish Language Audiobooks for Kids


Once you start finding things on Audible or Amazon, similar books will start being suggested for you! Share any great finds in the comment section!

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