Milestone Hotel Afternoon Tea Review: Prince and Princess Tea

While we were in London this last week I was so excited to introduce HJ to afternoon tea. High tea has got to be one of my very favorite outings and London seemed like going straight to the source! After reading tons of resources on various ‘Prince and Princess Teas’ in London, we finally settled on The Milestone Hotel right near Kensington Palace. We decided to make this a girl’s trip since K is still a bit young to sit still for any length of time and the adult men just weren’t interested. That meant it was me, my mom, and my 4-year-old daughter.

The Milestone Hotel Afternoon Tea Review

The ability to easily make reservations online is important to me and The Milestone Hotel did not disappoint. Their system made it easy for us to verify the date was available and get instant confirmation. I meant to print out all my reservation confirmations before London, but I forgot about this one and it was no problem at all. We were “on the list” when we arrived.

Speaking of arriving, The Milestone Hotel was conveniently located right across from Kensington Palace Grounds. We hopped on a bus from Hyde Park Corner and it let us off just steps away from the entrance. The hotel itself was made up of two beautiful old buildings joined together. The architecture of the first third of the building face was slightly different than the rest of the face, but they went together quite well and it gave the hotel a lot of character.

The Milestone Hotel
The Milestone Hotel in London.

We were welcomed to the hotel by a proper doorman in a top hat and ushered into to a small lobby very reminiscent of Victorian times. The living room/ tea room was right next to the lobby and was also small, cozy, and very Victorian. The walls were lined with books and painting and the windows were elaborately dressed.

Although the room was very beautifully decorated, it wasn’t so covered up in antiques that I was nervous about bringing my 4-year-old kid. I would say the balance between beautiful and practical was just right.

Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel
HJ told us “This is my first tea outside the house!” What a big girl she is getting to be!

We had a cozy table for 3 by a window and the waitress was right with us to take drink orders. HJ ordered a pink lemonade but they didn’t have it. Instead, the waitress offered her a milkshake which she happily accepted. There were dozens of teas to choose from, including an “Unusual and Exciting” category.

We ordered the ‘Royal Afternoon Tea for 2’ and the ‘Prince and Princess Tea’. The Royal Tea came with half a bottle of Champagne and we started on that while we were still deciding on tea. HJ’s milkshake came out so quickly she didn’t even have time to fidget.

Prince and Princess Tea Milestone Hotel
She almost looked delirious as she sampled her milkshake!

The ‘Prince and Princess’ platter for HJ quickly followed the milkshake and was loaded with yummy treats! The two-layer platter included 3 different sandwiches, a fresh scone with strawberry preserves and clotted cream, and 5 beautiful little desserts. HJ was immediately drawn to the butterfly cookie (or biscuit in the UK) but enjoyed taking her time and sampling all the desserts (she didn’t touch the sandwiches, but insisted she should save them for her brother.)

Prince and Princess Tea at the Milestone Hotel
All this for one little girl?

Our platters came out at the same time and were filled with scrumptious treats! There were 5 different kinds of sandwiches and a ton of beautiful little desserts. The house specialty is the chicken salad sandwich rolled in peanuts, it was delicious!

Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel
The savory sandwiches and the first level of desserts.

We each had our own sandwiches to sample and even though the desserts were tiny, we were able to split them in two so we could both sample each item. It worked out perfectly and we were still able to fill 2 to-go boxes with treats for our men-folk. Each item was delicious, but nothing really left an impression on me other than their signature chicken salad sandwich. I need to try to make those at home!

We took our time sampling the different treats and talking. It was exactly the kind of relaxed experience we had hoped for. HJ was very well behaved and preoccupied inspecting all the various treats and just when she started to lose interest and wanted to wander around, a waitress appeared and asked her if she would like to decorate a cupcake. I hadn’t seen this on the menu, so it was a very pleasant surprise.

I was hoping for a polite “Yes, please” but instead the waitress got an enthusiastic, “Sure!” She escorted HJ into the next room where she presented her with an apron, a cupcake, and several candy toppings. The waitress helped her frost the top and then HJ got to sprinkle the candies on herself.

My Mom and I put our heads in just long enough to take a couple pictures and then we returned to a few blissful child-free moments. Nothing beats a restaurant where they’ll take care of your kid! Even if it is just for a few minutes!

Decorating cupcakes Milestone Hotel
All that candy!
Decorating a cupcake at the Milestone Hotel
HJ was very particular about her color scheme!

When HJ returned with her cupcake, she was so full she couldn’t even eat the whole thing! She did make sure to lick the icing off the top though!

Cupcake at the Prince and Princess Tea
You might not know it from the fake smile, but she was very proud of her cupcake!

Overall it was a great experience and I would love to go again! We took our time, relaxed, and never felt rushed by the staff. We were dressed quite casually since we were mid-way through a full day of sightseeing, but we still felt quite comfortable. If you are considering the Milestone Hotel’s Afternoon Tea for a special occasion, dressing up a bit would be appropriate as well!

If you are on the fence about taking a young child to high tea, just do it! HJ loved acting grown up and being served like a little Princess. If you are considering where to go, I hope you’ll consider the Milestone Hotel, we really loved it!


PS- The Milestone Hotel also offers Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea options!

Milestone Hotel Afternoon Tea Review


22 thoughts on “Milestone Hotel Afternoon Tea Review: Prince and Princess Tea

  1. I do t have kids but this looks so cute! When I was a little girl I would have loved this! I just did my first tea in Ireland and it was fun not fancy like this!

  2. Oh that looks so amazing and very British! I am actually going to London the week before Christmas and it would be great to get some afternoon tea at the Milestone Hotel! You mentioned vegetarian and gluten-free options – are there also some vegan options? My boyfriend is vegan so it would be great to have vegan options, too!

    1. It was really lovely! I hope it’s something she’ll remember as she gets a bit older, but if not we’ll just have to go again!

  3. Haha I love her smile in the last picture with the cupcake (the fake one, it is so cute). She sure had fun! It sounds like a great experience 🙂

    1. Fake smiles can be maddening and also really cute at the same time! I still remember my parents pestering me about my fake smile, so I guess I had it coming!

  4. How fantastic your parents are with you!! I love this and all your pics!!! And what a great idea, decorating a cupcake!!

  5. wow. what a great experience! I love that the Milestone Hotel went out of their way to entertain HJ. That is great service! I love her cupcake she made and that smile was so happy. If I had been full, i still would have licked the icing too cause great minds think alike!!
    Darcee & I had our very first afternoon tea in Cardiff, when we went to the UK last spring and I was shocked how much food they serve you.

  6. What a wonderful three-generation outing! Love the tiered trays of sandwiches and desserts – I would really enjoy a tea like this, but I have never been to one — that’s got to change! Love how the chicken salad sandwich is rolled up in peanuts and kind of looks like sushi!

    1. You should definitely plan on going to one! There are a lot at nicer hotels in the US and definitely in the UK. You can probably find them all over!

  7. High Tea is such a great British tradition – and what a lovely experience to share with your mum and daughter. HJ really looked like she enjoyed her milkshake and the two-tiered platter of treats! And I love that there was a doorman with a top hat – it’s nice they include the old Victorian style touches.

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