Captive Reading: English, Spanish, Mandarin

I recently heard about captive reading over at Bilingual Monkeys and loved the idea! Our “captive reading” area is going to be the bathroom because, as any parent of toddlers can tell, we spend a lot of time there! We already keep the library books in the bathroom so I can read to them in there, but why not get the kids practicing their reading in there too! Since my kids are pre-readers, I put together some quick posters to help them practice a few simple words. I’ve attached them below if you would like to download them:


Captive Reading-Cow-English-Spanish-Mandarin

Captive Reading-Dog-English-Spanish-Mandarin

Captive Reading-Cat-English-Spanish-Mandarin

Captive Reading-Pig-English-Spanish-Mandarin

Captive Reading-Boy-English-Spanish-Mandarin

Captive Reading-Girl-English-Spanish-Mandarin


Captive Reading Poster Example