Allied Arts Guild (Menlo Park)

This morning I decided to check out the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park and I absolutely fell in love! I guess you need to guard your heart when you visit any garden this time of year, but this one really took my breath away.

The complex includes a number of artist-in-residence with permanent stalls and work places and has a beautiful garden which fills each courtyard. I had heard of this place before, but had not received a strong enough recommendation to prioritize a visit. Let me be that strong recommendation for you, if you are near Menlo Park you need to visit this place! It’s only open from 10-5, Monday-Saturday and many of the artist’s shops were still closed when we came at 10. I’d recommend coming closer to noon and getting lunch at the cafe. They have outdoor seating by the fountain.

The archway into the Allied Arts Guild

Allied Arts Guild Building

Green door at the Allied Arts Guild
How great is this door?

Path at the Allied Arts Guild Kids smelling the roses at the Allied Arts Guild

HJ running, Allied Arts Guild

Succulents at the Allied Arts Guild
It wasn’t all roses!
Path at the Allied Arts Guild
The paths throughout were a mixture of stone, brick, and cement. We had no problem wheeling the stroller around.
K in the fountain at the Allied Arts Guild
Yes, they did end up going for a swim. No, this was not allowed. Oops.
Cafe at the Allied Arts Guild
It was closed when we visited, but this is the cafe. I’m looking forward to having a kid-free lunch here someday.

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